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Office of Historic Resources

If you have a new or existing project, please contact the planner in charge or your case. Only the planner assigned to your case can issue an approval.


Ken Bernstein, Manager, (213) 978-1181;

Janet Hansen, Deputy Manager, (213) 978-1191;

  • SurveyLA, Los Angeles' Historic Resources Survey

Lambert Giessinger, Historic Preservation Architect; (213) 978-1183

  • Mills Act Historic Property Contract program
  • Project permit clearances

Shannon Ryan, Planning Associate, (213) 978-1192;

  • Historic-Cultural Monument program
  • Mills Act Historic Property Contract program


Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) Unit

See for current staffing assignments and contacts under each HPOZ

Naomi Guth, City Planner, (213) 978-1198 ;

Renata Dragland, Planning Associate, (213) 978 -1797;

Steven Wechsler, Planning Associate, (213) 978-1391;

Ariane Briski, Planning Assistant, (213) 978-1220;

Bradley Furuya, Planning Assistant, (213) 978-1218;

Kimberly Henry, Planning Assistant, (213) 978-1216;

Blair Smith, Planning Assistant; (213) 978-1174;