SurveyLA Receives a 2012-2013 CLG Grant from the State Office of Historic Preservation

The City of Los Angeles has received a $12,500 Certified Local Government (CLG) grant from the State of California. This is the sixth consecutive year that the City has been awarded a CLG grant.

The grant is being used to hire a contract consultant to assist the OHR in developing a historic context statement and themes relating to Los Angeles' rich Chinese American history. Associated historic resources reflect an almost 100-year period of time and cover topics ranging from early settlement to religious, social, and cultural institutions as well as places associated with important individuals, businesses, and orgnizations. The context will allow for focused research and community outreach using resources such as the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California and the Chinese American Museum. If you have information to contribute to this important part of SurveyLA's citywide historic context statement please contact Janet Hansen at (213) 978-1191.  This is the first of a number of contexts to be developed over the next couple of years relating to the city's ethnic and cultural history.