Los Angeles Department of City Planning

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Office of Historic Resources

If you have a new or existing project, please contact the planner in charge or your case. Only the planner assigned to your case can issue an approval.


Ken Bernstein, Manager and Principal City Planner, (213) 847-3652; ken.bernstein@lacity.org

Janet Hansen, Deputy Manager, (213) 847-3651; janet.hansen@lacity.org

  • SurveyLA, Los Angeles' Historic Resources Survey

Sara Delgadillo Cruz, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3650; sara.cruz@lacity.org

  • HistoricPlacesLA, Los Angeles Historic Resources Inventory

Lambert Giessinger, Historic Preservation Architect; (213) 847-3648; lambert.giessinger@lacity.org

  • Mills Act Historic Property Contract program
  • Project permit clearances

Melissa Jones, City Planning Associate, (213) 847-3679; melissa.jones@lacity.org

  • Historic-Cultural Monument program
  • Mills Act Historic Property Contract program


Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) Unit

See http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/more-information/staff-contacts for current staffing assignments and contacts under each HPOZ

Melissa Alofaituli, City Planner, (213) 847-3644; melissa.alofaituli@lacity.org

Bradley Furuya, City Planning Associate, (213) 847-3642; bradley.furuya@lacity.org

Christina Park, City Planning Associate, (213) 847-3643; christina.park@lacity.org

Lydia Chapman, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3646; lydia.chapman@lacity.org

Katie DeBiase, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3659; katie.debiase@lacity.org 

Suki Gershenhorn, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3675; suki.gershenhorn@lacity.org

Amanda Kainer, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3647; amanda.kainer@lacity.org

Jonathan Kaplan, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3668; jonathan.kaplan@lacity.org

Max Loder, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3645; max.loder@lacity.org

Micaela Torres-Gil, Planning Assistant, (213) 847-3691; micaela.torres-gil@lacity.org