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The Historic Designation Process

What is the process for approving new Historic-Cultural Monuments?

  1. Upon receipt of an application, the Office of Historic Resources staff reviews all documents submitted and prepares an initial staff report to the Cultural Heritage Commission, recommending whether or not to take the nomination under formal consideration.

  2. The Cultural Heritage Commission holds an initial hearing. The Commission now encourages applicants to show a short digital slide show at the hearing in order to convey visually to the commissioners the qualities and significance of the proposed Monument. If the application is complete and the site appears significant, the Commission votes to take the nomination under formal consideration.

  3. The property owner is formally notified of the nomination. Once the nomination is officially taken under consideration, a stay on demolition or substantial alteration goes into effect while it is being considered by the Commission and the City Council.

  4. At a subsequent meeting, the Commission conducts a tour and visual inspection of the proposed Monument.

  5. The Office of Historic Resources staff prepares a final staff report to the Commission evaluating whether or not the proposed Monument meets the criteria for designation in the Cultural Heritage Ordinance.

  6. The Cultural Heritage Commission conducts a hearing and votes to make a recommendation to the City Council on whether the proposed Monument meets Historic-Cultural Monument criteria.

  7. If the Commission declines the nomination, the designation process ends and the stay on demolition or alteration is lifted.

  8. If the Commission approves the nomination, the designation is referred to the City Council.

  9. The Council’s three-member Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee holds an initial hearing on the nomination to make a recommendation to the full City Council.

  10. The City Council, if warranted, designates the property, site, or structure for inclusion on the list of Historic-Cultural Monuments.

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