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Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) FAQs

What kind of work can be done under the ICO?

At this time, if the property is within the boundaries of an Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) for a proposed Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ), only work that falls under "Section 4. Exceptions" of the ICO ordinance can be approved.  You may find the ICO and list of exceptions from the Ordinance on the web at: http://zimas.lacity.org/documents/zoneinfo/ZI2444.pdf


I am planning an addition project. Is my projected allowed under the ICO?

Only "additions of less than 250 square feet that do not increase the height of the structure and are located in the rear yard area" are allowed (Section 4.D.2).


My project is a rehabilitation/general maintenance project. Is it allowable under the ICO?

The proposed project is allowable if the work consists "of maintenance and repair only, or in-kind replacement with same materials, provided that the work will not change a defining exterior architectural feature, as determined by the Department of City Planning through reference to a completed historic resources survey or prevailing neighborhood architectural styles" (Section 4.D.5).


What if my project is not listed as an exception under the ICO?

If the proposed project does not meet any of the exceptions of the Interim Control Ordinance or the work does not meet the criteria for approval, you can file for a Hardship Exemption. The City Council may, by resolution, grant an exemption from the provisions of the ordinance in cases of extreme hardship duly established to the City Council’s satisfaction. An application of hardship exemption shall be filed with the City Clerk on forms provided by the Department of City Planning.


How can I apply for a Hardship Exemption?

See the below link to the form with instructions: 



If my project is allowable under the ICO does it still need to be reviewed by HPOZ?

Yes, please contact the HPOZ Unit (Planning Assistant Bradley Furuya, bradley.furuya@lacity.org) prior to submitting plans for plan check so they can be approved and stamped. Provide two full sized set of plans for LADBS and one set in 11”x17” for HPOZ review.


Do you have further questions? Contact HPOZ  Planning Assistant Bradley Furuya with a detailed project description, photos of the existing home, and plans of the proposed work at bradley.furuya@lacity.org .