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How to Prepare for an HPOZ Board Meeting:


Once you have been scheduled for an initial invitation with the HPOZ Board use this form to help you prepare your presentation to the Board.

Bring 6 copies (1 per Board Member and 1 for Staff) of photos, drawings and plans to the meeting to better help the Board understand your project. If you have any questions about the meeting or what else to bring, please email your HPOZ Planner.


What to Bring to the Meeting:

  • General Documents

☐   A copy of the relevant permits, correction, and/or code enforcement notices, if any.

☐   A copy of the survey photo of your structure. This is the photo that is used as a default reference for how your structure looked at the time of the formation of the HPOZ. Use the following link to access the City of Los Angeles Zimas data base:

  • Photo Documentation:

       ☐   Aerial / Satellite photo of the site. (from ZIMAS or Google)

       ☐   Photos of all sides of your structure clearly visible even if  not part of the proposed project

       ☐   Close up photos and details of the project area


☐   A clear written description of the proposed project, including a (list of the proposed work accompanying the plans)

☐   Site Plan and/or Floor Plan identifying the project area(s)

☐One copy of the plan should show existing conditions

☐A second copy of the plan should show the proposed changes

☐   Elevations of the project area to show work (if/as needed)

☐One copy of the elevation should note existing conditions

☐A second copy of the elevation notes the proposed changes


  • Windows & Doors (sample window and door schedules available here)

☐Provide a manufacturer’s cut sheet and/or plan showing the exact dimensions of the window or door and its construction.

☐Dimensions to the window and its trim elements.

☐Show all windows and doors to be repaired or replaced on a Floor Plan, identify:

☐Type of material to be used

☐Finish materials

☐Type of glazing (single or dual, e.g.)


  • Material Samples

☐Identify materials, finishes, and dimensions. Provide samples as needed such as: roofing, paint, stucco, and siding, and hardscaping

All resources for an HPOZ including general information on the HPOZ, its history, map of the HPOZ and guidelines are to be found at the following link: http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/la

  • Specific information regarding guidelines for rehabilitation/repair work can be found by clicking the “Preservation Plan link” at the bottom of you HPOZs page. This is a downloadable PDF document. Please print out any relevant sections and bring to the meeting.


For additional resources please visit the HPOZ website at http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz. HPOZ Board meeting locations and times can be found on the HPOZ Calendar. Plan to arrive on time and note that parking is not provided at most meeting locations.


*Please verify with your planner the time and meeting location as they are subject to change .

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