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How to Submit a Project for HPOZ Review

Below is a Step by Step guide to submitting a project for review. For specific questions, please contact the Planning Staff in charge of your HPOZ.


Step 1: Determine the Historic Designation of your Property

  • Log in to the Zoning Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS).
  • Make note of which HPOZ your property is in and whether it is a Contributor, Contributor Altered, Non-Contributor, HCM, or Mills Act property. It is helpful to print out the "Historic Preservation Review" (see instructions)
  • The extent of your project and the property's status as a Contributing or Non-Contributing Feature will determine the timeline and procedures involved.
  • To research your properties building permit history visit the Buildings Record System.

Step 2: Read and Understand the Preservation Plan Guidelines

  • Projects within an HPOZ must be deemed appropriate to receive an approval for construction. While crafting your project, it is important to consider the architectural massing, style, details, and materials. The preservation plan should serve as a guide when developing plans.
  • For more specific information on the review process please see the relevant Guidelines (Section 7- 10), Exemptions (Section 3.5), and Delegations (Section3.6) within the corresponding HPOZ Preservation Plan.
  • To view examples of successful projects and plans, please browse the Successful Projects section of our website.

Step 3: Begin the Review Process

  • Contact the Planning Staff assigned to your HPOZ
  • Gather information about your property and the proposed project and fill out the Initial Screening Checklist
  • If you have photos or plans of the features you will be altering, send an email to your HPOZ Planner with the project address and HPOZ name in the subject, and a project description in the body of the email. If you have applied for a building permit, please specify the 15 digit number in your correspondence with your HPOZ Planner.
    • For example your email should follow:

Subject: 100 N Spring St.; Highland Park HPOZ;

Body: In-kind reroofing of the structure; Permit XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

  • The Planner will contact you and advise you of next steps to begin the review  process.

Step 4: Project Submittal

After your planner has reviewed your project description and Initial Screening Checklist, they will explain whether your project will be deemed Conforming Work (CWC/CWNC), Certificate Work (COA/CCMP), Delegated, or Exempt. If your project requires Conforming or Certificate work you may be advised to attend an initial consultation with the HPOZ Board. If you are scheduled to attend an HPOZ Board meeting, review How to prepare for an HPOZ Board Meeting before your scheduled appointment.

Conforming Work cases generally involve smaller projects and rehabilitation work that will normally be scheduled for a Board meeting, then reviewed by Planning Staff, and issued a permit clearance within 21-30 days.

Certificates of Appropriateness and Compatibility are reserved for larger projects, generally new buildings or additions over 250 square feet, and typically require at least one consultation with the HPOZ Board prior to accepting an application. Once an application is accepted, the Planning Department has 75 days to issue a Letter of Determination regarding the project.  

Step 5: Final Plan Approval and Project Clearance

After a Letter of Determination is issued by the staff planner, you will receive a copy of the decision. If the project is approved, and  no appeals are filed within 15 days of the date of the decision letter, the decision stands, the planner will then schedule a meeting to stamp and sign final plans and issue and related permit clearances. Conforming Work cases are not appealable, and may be cleared after a Conforming Work letter is issued by Staff.