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HPOZ Board Information

Each HPOZ Board consists of five members, at least three of whom must be renters or owners of property within an HPOZ. All members should have knowledge of and interest in the culture, structures, sites, history and architecture of the HPOZ area, and if possible, experience in historic preservation.

One member is appointed by the Mayor and must have extensive real estate or construction experience. One member who must be an owner or renter of property in the HPOZ is appointed by the City Councilmember representing the area. Two members, one of whom must be a licensed architect, are appointed by the City’s Cultural Heritage Commission. The final member is selected at large by a majority vote of the initial four members, with input from the Certified Neighborhood Council representing the neighborhood. Board members normally serve a term of four years, although the initial terms are staggered to prevent a complete turnover of the Board at any one time. Appointed members may be removed or replaced by the appointing authority prior to the expiration or their term.

The Board is an advisory body to the City Planning Department. The Director of Planning has the authority to issue determinations, building permit sign-offs, and Certificates of Appropriateness and Compatibility.


HPOZ Board Calendar

Board meetings occur twice monthly and are subject to postponement and cancellation if a quorum cannot be met or if no agenda items are pending. Please email your HPOZ Staff Member to schedule an appointment with the HPOZ Board. Refer to "How to Prepare for an HPOZ Board Meeting" for information about the meeting and materials you will need.