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Vinegar Hill

Vinegar Hill, an early suburb of San Pedro, is a neighborhood of tree-lined streets and modest single-family houses built by successful San Pedro businessmen. It is rumored that Vinegar Hill is named for a local cottage industry of home-brewed sour wine. The neighborhood residences, built from 1886 through 1927, housed the area’s diverse immigrant population and include examples of Queen Anne, American Foursquare and Craftsman styles alongside later American Colonial and Spanish Colonial Revival styles.  The Vinegar Hill HPOZ was adopted in 2001.

Projects in Vinegar Hill that require board review are reviewed by the Harbor HPOZ Board, which also reviewes cases in the Banning Park HPOZ.  The Harbor HPOZ Board, comprised of local stakeholders with expertise in building, architecture, preservation and real estate, meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the San Pedro Regional Branch Library, though meetings are canceled if there are no business items to discuss. Agendas for HPOZ meetings can be found here.

For any questions or to schedule a review of a proposed project within this HPOZ, please contact Bradley Furuya of the Department of City Planning's Office of Historic Resources, at (213) 847-3642, or bradley.furuya@lacity.org, and fill out the HPOZ Initial Screening Checklist.