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New Policies and Program Initiatives:

This section of the site provides information on HPOZ program initiatives and the status of proposed districts.


The City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning is currently working on an update to the HPOZ Ordinance and the creation of six new HPOZs: 27th and 28th St. and Miracle Mile HPOZ.  The Cathay Square HPOZ and the El Sereno – Berkshire Craftsman District HPOZ were adopted by City Council in December and will go into effect in January. The Oxford Square HPOZ and  Sunset SquareHPOZ were adopted by City Council in February and will go into effect in March. 

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The Los Angeles City Council on March 25 approved two Interim Control Ordinances (ICOs), drafted by Department of City Planning staff: one ordinance prohibiting demolitions and substantial alterations of homes in five proposed Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs), and a second ordinance limiting the scale of new construction in 15 additional neighborhoods. Both ordinances took effect immediately upon adoption. To review the Zoning Information and text of the new ordinances, visit http://zimas.lacity.org/documents/zoneinfo/ZI2444.pdf and http://zimas.lacity.org/documents/zoneinfo/ZI2443.pdf

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