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OHR Publishes Latino Los Angeles Historic Context Statement

The OHR worked with a team of consultants from GPA Consulting to develop a citywide historic context statement for SurveyLA relating to the city’s rich Latino history.The timing for the context allowed the OHR to follow on the recently completed statewide Latino context which was commissioned by the California Office of Historic Preservation. The local context covers a broader period of time, uses SurveyLA’s historic context framework, expands on state-identified themes in greater depth, introduces new themes, and includes resources eligible as City Historic-Cultural Monuments and Historic Preservation Overlay Zones. The story of Latino immigration, settlement, and migration patterns in Los Angeles is both complex and multi-faceted. Latinos have made huge contribution to the history and culture of the city in areas including entertainment, media, arts, commerce, industry, and civil rights. This historic context is partially funded with a Certified Local Government grant from the Office of Historic Preservation.

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