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In February 2015 the City of Los Angeles and the Getty Conservation Institute launched, the first online information and management system specifically created to inventory, map, and describe Los Angeles significant historic resources. The system enables robust searches of the rich information on the city’s historic resources.

Although data entry into HistoricPlacesLA is in progress, the goal is to include all of the city’s Historic-Cultural Monuments and Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs), properties listed in the National and California registers, and information gathered through SurveyLA, the citywide survey of historic resources. SurveyLA represents the most ambitious historic resources survey in the United States and is a multi-year public/private partnership between the City and the Getty, including both the Getty Conservation Institute and the Getty Foundation.  

To view a map showing which Community Plan Areas of the city already have SurveyLA data available through HistoricPlacesLA, please click here

The Office of Historic Resources was honored to be joined by Mayor Eric Garcetti for the launch of the new system, at a February 24m 2015 press event at L.A. City Hall.  Mayor Garcetti noted, "Let's end the notion that L.A. is a city that doesn't value its history.  Let's just put that to rest here, today."  Mayor Garcetti posted on-line a visually compelling video based on his remarks at the event.  

From left, Tim Whalen, Director, Getty Conservation Institute, Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, Ken Bernstein, Manager, Office of Historic Resources and Linda Dishman, Director, Los Angeles Conservancy pose during the Getty Conservation Institute and City of Los Angeles launch event for HistoricPlacesLA at the Tom Bradley Tower Room at the Los Angeles City Hall on February 24, 2015, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)

From left, Tim Whalen, Director, Getty Conservation Institute; Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti; Ken Bernstein, Manager, Office of Historic Resources; Linda Dishman, Executive Director, Los Angeles Conservancy


Tim Whalen, Director of the Getty Conservation Institute, provided a demonstration of the new system at the event.  Linda Dishman, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Conservancy, and real estate developer Wayne Ratkovich of the Ratkovich Company also spoke at the launch event, emphasizing the tremendous value of the new system for the preservation community as well as property owners and developers.  

HistoricPlacesLA gives City government the tool we’ve long needed to use fuller knowledge of our built heritage to plan more effectively for our future. HistoricPlacesLA uses the Arches system—an open-source information platform built to inventory and ultimately protect cultural heritage places internationally, developed by the Getty and World Monuments Fund, and customized for Los Angeles. HistoricPlacesLA unites the Arches framework with the rich data collected for SurveyLA, along with information on thousands of designated historic resources in Los Angeles.

The launch of is the culmination of a multi-year partnership between the City and the Getty, including both the Getty Conservation Institute and Getty Foundation, to complete SurveyLA, the largest, most ambitious historic resources survey project in the nation.  A project of this scope and ambition simply could not have occurred without the leadership of the Getty, which has given a tremendously enduring gift to its home city.

For more information on HistoricPlacesLA, see an article on the Getty Iris Blog.  

The February 24 press announcement of HistoricPlacesLA in the Tom Bradley Room at L.A. City Hall