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Search for a Property/ZIMAS

Are you looking to find out whether a particular property in the City of Los Angeles has a historic designation or has been previously identified as eligible for historic designation?

The Office of Historic Resources is working to consolidate information on the city's historic resources into the Planning Department's GIS-based Zoning Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS) database. We are pleased to provide a step-by-step Guide to Using Zimas to Find Historic Preservation Information.

Currently, ZIMAS includes the following six categories of properties:

  1. Designated as City Historic-Cultural Monuments (HCM)
  2. Under consideration as City Historic-Cultural Monuments (in process)
  3. Located within designated City Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZ)
  4. Designated as State Landmarks
  5. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places (individually or within a historic district)
  6. Determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (individually or within a historic district) with concurrence from the State Office of Historic Preservation

It is important to understand that ZIMAS is not comprehensive in its data on historic properties. Properties will be added to ZIMAS as the SurveyLA project continues and as other City departments complete surveys. The Office of Historic Resources staff recommends that you contact us regarding a property NOT listed in ZIMAS, particularly if the property is 50 years of age or older.