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Using ZIMAS to Find Historic Preservation Information

To search for information on historic resources in the City of Los Angeles Zoning Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS) follow the directions below:

1. Open the ZIMAS Search screen.

This link will open a new window for you so that you can read these instructions in one window while you perform the activity in the new window. At any time, close the other window to return to this page.

2. Search for a specific property by street address or Assessor Parcel Number (APN) as indicated in the "Search By" sidebar. Enter the address or APN following the instructions.

In this example, we will search the Ebell of Los Angeles Building, listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Ebell's address is 741 Lucerne Boulevard.

Here are a few other historic places and their address you might be interested in researching:

  • Chateau Marmont Hotel, 8221 W MARMONT LANE
  • Bradbury Building, 304 S BROADWAY
  • Britt Mansion & Gardens, 2141 W ADAMS BLVD
  • Bullock's Wilshire, 3050 W WILSHIRE BLVD
  • Capitol Records Tower, 1750 N VINE ST
  • Casa de Adobe, 4603 N FIGUEROA ST

3. If multiple properties appear, select the specific address you are looking for.

step 3

4. Under "Property Information" sidebar on the left side of the screen,select "Planning and Zoning Information" tab.

5. When the information appears go to "Historic Preservation Review." If a linked "Yes" appears, then the property falls into one of the six categories of properties included in ZIMAS. Select the "Yes" for the "Historic Preservation" page.

6. A popup will appear promting you to continue to "ZIMAS" or learn additional information on "Historic Places LA". Click on "Zimas" to learn about the historic designation of the property.

7. A new "Historic Preservation" page is displayed. There are three tabs with information about this historic resource, depending on the type of resource.

The "Resources" Table of Contents to the left of each tab links to "Special Instructions" which apply to the property. The three tabs are as follows:

  • Historic Preservation Overlay Zone – Displays information specific to properties within HPOZs. "HPOZ Info" links to the left show additional information on the HPOZ.
  • Other Historic Designation – Displays other designation and survey information on properties. The “Resources” Table of Contents to the left links to additional information.
  • Mills Act – Indicates whether a property is under a Mills Act contract. Generally these are designated HCMs and contributing properties to HPOZs. The “Resources” Table of Contents to the left links to information on the Mills Act program.