Contribute Information to SurveyLA!

Although SurveyLA field surveys are complete, it's never too late to submit information about potential historic resources in your community.  You can provide additional information on a resource already surveyed or let us know about a property we may have missed. 

MyHistoricLA Resource ID Form

MyHistoricLA: Guide to Public Participation in SurveyLA provides step-by-step instructions for activites that individuals and organizations can complete to help gather the information about resources in your community. You may also contribute information by filling out the online Historic Resource Identification Form. You may submit the form as many times as you like!

What is a Historic Resource?

Resources can include individual houses, buildings, sites, structures, objects, cultural landscapes and natural features as well as areas and historic districts (groupings of resources). These places may reflect a broad range of themes significant in the city’s history such as architecture, city planning, landscape design, ethnic heritage, residential development, politics, industry, transportation, commerce, entertainment and others. Examples of individual historic resources include theaters, religious buildings, social halls, canals and bridges while examples of historic districts, include residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, industrial complexes and college campuses. The citywide survey considers all properties dating from about 1865 to 1980.

Please notethe properties identified through the Historic Resource Identification Form  will not be officially designated as "historic," nor will they be automatically considered for historic designation. To obtain official local historic designation for a property, you may wish to submit a formal nomination for City Historic-Cultural Monument status.

How should I decide what to identify?

In considering which resources(s) to identify, think about the following questions:

  • What are the neighborhoods, commercial areas, and landscapes that have distinctive architectural, design or cultural characteristics, or reflect important aspects of social history or community planning and development? What are the qualities of these places that make them important?

  • What areas, sites, or buildings served as key gathering places or focal points of your community over the years?

  • Which places were associated with the most important individuals, groups or organizations that shaped your community’s history?

  • Which buildings, structures and districts may have been associated with important architects, builders, designers, developers, or engineers whose work helped define the character of your area?

  • Which places shaped social movements and the cultural evolution of your community?

  • Which places are unique to your community and which reflect larger trends in the development history of Los Angeles?

  • Which places provide a key window into understanding the demographic changes that your community experienced over the years?


Additional Information

For additional information please contact:
Janet Hansen, Deputy Manager
Office of Historic Resources
(213) 847-3651