Project Description

Los Angeles has taken an important step to protect its rich heritage by conducting  a citywide survey, called SurveyLA, to identify and document significant historic resources. The field surveys, now complete, covered the entire city of Los Angeles -- over 880,000 legal parcels within almost 500 square miles. SurveyLA was partially funded by a $2.5 million grant from the J. Paul Getty Trust. Additionally, the Getty Conservation Institute provided significant technical and advisory support to the project. The project has been managed by the Department of City Planning’s Office of Historic Resources (OHR). 

The surveys covered the period from approximately 1850 to 1980 and included individual resources such as buildings, structures, objects, natural features and cultural landscapes as well as areas and districts (archaeological resources will be included in a future survey phase). Significant resources reflect important themes in the city's growth and development in various areas including architecture, city planning, social history, ethnic heritage, politics, industry, transportation, commerce, entertainment, and others. Field surveys, conducted from 2010-2017, were completed in three phases by Community Plan Area (see the Phasing Plan).  All tools and methods developed for SurveyLA meet state and federal professional standards for survey work. For information on project methodology see the Field Surveys and Historic Context pages of this website.