HistoricPlacesLA.org is the first online information and management system specifically created to inventory, map, and describe Los Angeles significant historic resources. Although data entry into HistoricPlacesLA is in progress, the goal is to include all of the city’s Historic-Cultural Monuments and Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs), properties listed in the National and California registers, and information gathered through SurveyLA, the citywide survey of historic resources. SurveyLA represents the most ambitious historic resources survey in the United States and is a multi-year public/private partnership between the City and the Getty, including both the Getty Conservation Institute and the Getty Foundation.

To view a map showing which Community Plan Areas of the city already have SurveyLA data available through HistoricPlacesLA, please click here

HistoricPlacesLA is powered by Arches, a new open-source, web- and geospatially-based information platform built to inventory and ultimately to protect cultural heritage places. Arches was developed by the Getty Conservation Institute and the World Monuments Funds. Importantly, HistoricPlacesLA is the first customization of Arches by the Getty Conservation Institute. It is now the most advanced cultural resources inventory management system in the nation. HistoricPlacesLA has put Los Angeles at the forefront of historic preservation. Because it was developed following state and federal preservation standards and terminology it is also applicable to municipalities and agencies nationally.