Welcome to the Office of Historic Resources web site for SurveyLA: The Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey. We hope that you will visit the web site often for updates on SurveyLA and help spread the word about this exciting project.

About SurveyLA

SurveyLA – the Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey – is Los Angeles' first-ever comprehensive program to identify significant historic resources throughout our city. The survey marks a coming-of-age for Los Angeles' historic preservation movement, and will serve as a centerpiece for the City’s first truly comprehensive preservation program.

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SurveyLA field methodology is informed by best practices in historic preservation including standards developed by the National Park Service and California Office of Historic Preservation.  


Follow the status of SurveyLA, as we progress through the city, neighborhood by neighborhood.
The Office of Historic Resources developed a phasing plan for the completion of SurveyLA field surveys throughout the Los Angeles.